United States Squirrel Species

Squirrels of tiny animals are living in many parts of the world. They have adoptive nature hence live in urban and rural areas indifferently. However, squirrels commonly love to dwell inside in forests and sub-Saharan regions. Squirrels have a cute face and soft fur. They usually eat vegetables, fruits, seeds, and grains. Squirrels may also eat small rodents, the carcass of small snake and insects. There are many squirrel species in America. All of them nevertheless share everyday behavioral habits. They have similar eating habits, reproduction patterns, and living modes. Moreover, when squirrels obtain enough food, they save it for future needs. A attains sexual maturity approximately in a year. All species of squirrel are tree dwellers.

American Red Squirrel

The red squirrel lives in coniferous trees. They are relatively small-sized squirrels. The most attractive element in red squirrels is reddish fur around the skin. They have a little weight of around 200 grams. Moreover, red squirrels mostly feed on various seeds. These squirrels are commonly found in most of the American States.

Fox Squirrels

As the name implies, fox squirrel is a large animal with brown fur. It weighs around 600-1000 grams. They live in trees. The diet of fox squirrels includes vegetables, grains, and small insects. They live on trees and along with mating partners. These species of squirrels are widespread in Texas and Colorado. Fox squirrels have the advantage of their large body. They can hunt on various animals.

Black Squirrel

The black squirrel is a more captivating species of squirrels. They have black fur. Its color turns black due to the mutation of specific genes. They live in forests and share habitats with grey squirrels. Black squirrels have an aggressive nature. They are hostile to other species of squirrels. Nevertheless, grey squirrel often lives along with them in a harmonious environment.

Gray Squirrel

These squirrel species are a potential danger for red and fox squirrels. They live in trees and quickly move around. The size of the grey squirrel is almost 23-32 cm. Grey squirrel loves to dwell in lush green areas. They often choose dense forests and make nests in the trees. The prime food source of grey squirrels is vegetation. They eat fruits and seeds. However, these may attack minor rodents to cater to food needs.

Western Gray Squirrel

The grey-colored squirrel that lives in the United States is very calm and shy. They are the most abundant squirrels. The weight of the grey squirrel is about 1kg. They have a long tail and always live on trees. They seldom leave trees to visit the ground. The fear of human beings and other predators causes them to stay in the trees.

To conclude, squirrels are minor animals with different characteristics. In the United States, diverse, squirrel species are present. Most of the squirrels show similar traits. There is only a slight distinction in their physical makeup. Some species are black while others grey in color. The differences between their size are also marked features of a squirrel. All squirrels live on vegetables and rodents. They can catch small rodents and insects without much trouble. However, the main diet of a squirrel is vegetables and fruit.

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